HABA Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man, was killed by Minneapolis police officers while handcuffed and forcibly detained against the ground.

The Hmong American Bar Association stands with our fellow bar associations and our community in asking for justice. We grieve with the family of George Floyd, the Black community and all families who have lost loved ones to senseless violence, racism, and abuse of power. We grieve for our community, especially those who have experienced racism, bigotry, and hate. We unreservedly stand in solidarity with those who actively work for reconstruction of our system for long and effective change.

The firing and prosecution of the four officers involved, appointment of the Attorney General to prosecute the case, and the charge by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights against the Minneapolis Police Department are good first steps. But more needs to be done.

We must acknowledge and critically examine the centuries of deeply- rooted racism in our nation, and quickly implement change for a better future. The legal system should work for the benefit of victims and not to protect the perpetrators.

The time for meaningful and lasting change is now. We must act so we can eliminate racism, hate, prejudice, bigotry, and all other forms of discrimination in our society amongst those bestowed the greatest civilian powers to police our communities. We demand better for our communities. Justice and equality require better.