The Hmong American Bar Association (HABA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to seek justice and to promote knowledge of the law and the legal system to its members, the Hmong community, and the community at large through education, scholarship, assistance, and services.

Toward this mission, HABA will formulate strategies designed to achieve the following goals and objectives:
1. To serve as the voice of the legal profession in and between the Hmong community and the community at large;
2. To foster greater Hmong participation within HABA and the legal community;
3. To promote greater access to attorneys and the legal system for the Hmong community;
4. To provide social, legal, financial and educational support, and training for the furtherance of HABA and its members;
5. To promote the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and courtesy; and
6. To foster greater balance and understanding between the Hmong and the legal system.

HABA was first formed in 1998 by a small group of Hmong attorneys in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. HABA was originally known as the Hmong Bar Association. At the time, there were only a handful of Hmong attorneys. The founding members were among the first US licensed attorneys in the world. For the Hmong people who only arrived to the United States 21 years prior, the founding members served as leaders in the community. While the organization served as an organizational tool for Hmong attorneys, membership remained low. In 2002, HABA was dissolved and would remain dormant until 2010. In 2010, a group of attorneys, law students, and supportive community members gathered and revived HABA. The organization officially changed its name to the Hmong American Bar Association in 2012 and has been growing ever since.

2021-2022 Board Members
President: Cha Xiong
Vice President: Nu Vang
Treasurer: Pakou Moua
Secretary: Thuzong Xiong
Advisory Board – Hon. Adam Yang, Abigail Evenson, Shuly Her

2019-2020 Board Members
President: Mai Lee Yang
Vice-President: Shuly Her
Secretary: Pa Nhia Vang
Treasurer: Pakou Moua
Immediate Past President: Fue Lo Thao
Advisory Board – Cha Xiong, Shoua Xiong, Nou Her, Abigail Evenson

2017-2018 Board Members:
President – Fue Lo Thao
Vice President – Mai Neng Moua
Treasurer – Song Lyfoung
Secretary – Shuly Her
Advisory Board – Adam Yang, Pa Houa Vue, Mai Lee Yang

2015-2016 Board Members:
President – Chong Lo
Vice President – Anivuin Xiong
Treasurer – Bao Thao
Secretary – Shuly Her
Advisory Board – Mai Neng Moua, Fue Lo Thao, Adam Yang

2013-2014 Board Members:
President – Adam Yang
Vice President – Chong Lo
Treasurer – James Song
Secretary – My Lee
Student Liaison – Pakou Moua
Advisory Board – Bob Xiong, Tchao Thao, Victoria Yang, Bao Thao

2011-2012 Board Members:
President – Nom Fue Thao
Vice President – Adam Yang
Treasurer – James Song
Secretary – Pao Yang
Advisory Board – Chong Lo, Eric Lee, Sophia Vuelo, Victoria Yang