The Hmong American Bar Association (HABA) invites the community to submit applications to be considered for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparation course scholarship. Strong LSAT scores can lead to law school scholarships, highly competitive law school applications, and a greater likelihood of acceptance into law school. Additionally, HABA is committed to diversifying the legal field by aiding law school hopefuls at the earliest stages of their legal career. This scholarship is intended to remove the financial barrier of a LSAT preparation course for a potential law student who cannot afford to pay for the course. The scholarship will be a direct payment from HABA to a LSAT preparation course provider on behalf of the scholarship recipient.

Applications due by May 30, 2018, 12 Midnight Central Time, submitted by email to haba.minn@gmail.com, subject line: ”HABA LSAT PREP COURSE SCHOLARSHIP”.


HABA at the RCBA Judges Dinner

Many members of HABA attended the 2018 Ramsey County Judges Dinner on March 22, 2018. HABA made a great showing at the event and celebrating Ramsey County’s first Hmong judge!  Unfortunately, there was so much fun, we did not take photos of the event!

Reception for Judge Vuelo

HABA and MNAPABA partnered together to sponsor a reception for Judge Vuelo at Sakura Restaurant and Bar.  Attendees had a great opportunity to meet each other and converse with Judge Vuelo. Thank you to all the attendees and speakers for a successful and fun event!